Benefits of Membership

To date, members of the Worthington Family History Society reside in Australia, France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Spain, the USA, and the UK.

Members of the Society receive a copy of all documents issued starting with the year the member joined. New and updated summaries and references will be sent to Society members.

To date, more than 60 pedigree charts have been compiled, examined and proved from these References so that anyone researching the Worthington surname will be able to link to them.

How to Join

Membership in the Worthington Family History Society or the 17th Century Project is open to anyone with an interest in the Worthington family surname. To join you should contact the Membership Secretary below. You should also download and complete the Membership Application – PDF file by clicking here or Word file by clicking here.

Membership Secretary:
Suzanne M Worthington,
2704 Diericx Drive,
Mountain View, CA 94040, USA,


The annual subscription rate for membership in the Worthington Family History Society is US$48 or £30 or A$68 or NZ$70.

An Additional single subscription for Sponsorship of the 17th Century Project of US$600 or £375 is welcomed and

Membership Benefits

Registers and summaries, 17th Century Project, back issues of publications, Pedigree Charts.

How to Join

For information to join the Worthington Family History Society.

DNA Project

The results can prove family ties within genealogical time up to 1000 years.

Books for Sale

The Worthington Families of Medieval England

The Worthingtons of Failsworth and their Descendants

Coopers & Customs Cutters, Worthingtons of Dover and Related Families, 1560-1906