Annual General Meetings – Past & Future

Each year there has been an Annual General Meeting at which members, partners and guests are welcome. Every other year the Annual General Meeting is combined with a three day Gathering at a location connected with Worthington history.

The next Gathering will be in May 2015 in Manchester, UK.


Past meetings include:



agm 2007

2007 annual general meeting at Annapolis


Annapolis UK
2007 pre-meeting at Hampton-in-Arden


dover 2008

2008 Gathering in Dover


dover 2008 2

2008 Gathering at Dover


leesburg meting 2009

2009 Gathering at Leesburg


2010 Gathering at Wilmslow

Membership Benefits

Registers and summaries, 17th Century Project, back issues of publications, Pedigree Charts.

How to Join

For information to join the Worthington Family History Society.

DNA Project

The results can prove family ties within genealogical time up to 1000 years.

Books for Sale

The Worthington Families of Medieval England

The Worthingtons of Failsworth and their Descendants

Coopers & Customs Cutters, Worthingtons of Dover and Related Families, 1560-1906